More Wrestling Names Revealed For The Raw Reunion Show!

Raw Reunion

We already revealed some top names that would attend the Raw Reunion show, but more veteran names have now been confirmed! If you are curious who will be attending the Raw Reunion show, check out some of the latest names that have been revealed.

Hardcore Presence On The Raw Reunion Show – Mick Foley

Raw Reunion Mick Foley

We have not seen Mick Foley since the introduction of the 24/7 Championship, so it will be great to see Mick Foley during the Raw Reunion show. Hopefully, there will be a hardcore link, but with so many veterans appearing, there might not be enough time.

D-Generation X Member X-Pac


Recently inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of D-Generation X, X-Pac will also make an appearance at the Raw reunion show. We do have to wonder, with Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg also on the confirmed list, will we get a D-Generation X appearance?

Scary Wrestling Veteran Sid Vicious

Raw Reunion Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious, also known under the name Sycho Sid, has not been seen in the WWE for a while, but that is all about to change. He is also set to make an appearance at the Raw Reunion show.

Title Bin Legend Alundra Blayze

Another Hall of Famer that will be appearing during the show is none other than Alundra Blayze. While you might remember her from putting the women’s title in the bin back in the day, she has now put this horrible past behind her and made peace with Vince McMahon. I cannot wait to see Alundra, as she certainly deserves the spotlight.

Bombshell Candice Michelle

Raw Reunion Candice Michelle

Not everyone will remember Candice Michelle, even though she was a genuine sex symbol. She started in wrestling in 2004, after she was selected in the WWE Diva Search. In 2006, she also posed for Playboy. Despite her success, she would not win a title until 2007.

PG Unfriendly Wrestler The Godfather

Raw Reunion The Godfather

If the Raw Reunion show does not stay PG, then the Godfather can be his true self. The men watching the reunion show will be impressed. I guess the WWE have their target audience covered this time.

Timeless Beauty Kelly Kelly

While Kelly Kelly has been the subject of much discussion over the years, nobody can deny she is a timeless beauty. When it comes to the women’s division, Kelly Kelly is certainly memorable. Therefore, she could not be missing from the Raw Reunion lineup.

Creepiness Covered With The Boogeyman

One of the creepiest superstars ever, at least in my opinion, is the Boogeyman. He has also been confirmed for the upcoming Raw reunion show. I wonder who will be on the receiving end this time? Maybe Elias will have another worm incident?

Could The Rock Show Up At The Raw Reunion Show?

The Rock has been spotted at the performance centre recently, so there is a possibility that he will make an appearance at the Reunion Show. It is bound to be a special one, so be sure to tune in for the amazing show the WWE are going to put on.

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