Luke Rockhold Says Jon Jones Wants Nothing to do With Daniel Cormier at HW

Jon Jones has said that he’d be willing to face Daniel Cormier for his heavyweight title, provided the UFC makes it worth his while. But, it doesn’t sound like Luke Rockhold sees that happening.

Since Jones returned to the Octagon last year, there’s been extensive talk regarding the possibility of a third fight with his rival, Cormier. The latter has said at times he’d be willing to move back down to 205 to challenge Jones again. But, since Cormier is now the heavyweight champ, at the age of 40, many believe “DC’s” time at 205 is over. Further, because Jones has already defeated Cormier at light-heavyweight, twice (the second win was officially overturned due to a USADA flag), a fight at heavyweight would be more compelling.

Jones, meanwhile, hasn’t really jumped at the idea of fighting Cormier at heavyweight. While Jones has said he would, if the UFC tabled a big offer, the champ has talked more about defending his 205 title.

Well, recently Rockhold was a guest on “Submission Radio“. While discussing whether “Bones” is scared to move up to face “DC” at heavyweight, Rockhold said this (quotes via MMA Mania):

“Yeah he is, you’re damn straight he is,” Rockhold said. “Jon ain’t talking about fighting DC at heavyweight, he’s just kind of beating around the bush and he’s trying to bait him back down and antagonize him. So, Jon doesn’t want to fight DC at heavyweight. There’s only a few guys he wants to fight that makes sense.”

“Well, I’m fighting before DC, so I’m gonna take my dibs on that thing if the opportunity presents itself,” said Rockhold, who could be in the title shot mix at 205, if he beats Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239 next Saturday. “DC, I think it’s foolish for him to come try to challenge Jon back down. I think Jon should have to come challenge him up for the heavyweight title. I mean, that’s where the natural weight is. Jon’s a big guy and he cuts a lot of weight too to get down. So, Jon’s scared to fight DC at heavyweight. I don’t know why DC thinks he’s gotta come back down to fight him there to prove some point. It just… it doesn’t make sense.”

Jones would almost certainly scoff at the idea that he’s scared to face someone he’s already defeated. It just sounds like Jones is focused on enhancing and entrenching his legacy at light-heavyweight right now.

But, we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. If Jones beats Thiago Santos on Saturday, and if Cormier defeats Stipe Miocic again on August 17th, maybe this will change.

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