Jon Jones Is Gonna Jon Jones As Long As He’s Jon Jones

Jon Jones

You know that old adage about a leopard never being able to change its spots? Yeah, so, Jon Jones was Jon Jones again.

Thankfully, this time around it wasn’t a pregnant woman in a car, and Jones didn’t abscond on foot with a wad of cash and some weed.

Nor was it cocaine metabolites. Nor was it even more picograms!

No, this time it was a stripper, allegedly roughed up, and the end result was a battery charge that has yet to be resolved.

Man, this guy is an embarrassment. Here’s MMAJunkie:

Jon Jones is facing a battery charge stemming from an alleged incident at a strip club in April, but the UFC light heavyweight champion apparently wasn’t aware of it until Sunday.

According to an initial report from TV news station KRQE in Albuquerque, N.M., where Jones lives, Jones allegedly had a forceful encounter with a cocktail waitress at TD’s Eubank Showclub. In a police report obtained by MMA Junkie, the woman said Jones, 32, “was being persistent about her giving him a table dance,” which she “consistently” told Jones it was against policy for waitresses to give dances.

The alleged victim accuses Jones of pulling her to his lap and kissing her neck, placing her in “a tight rear-naked choke hold,” picking her up off the ground, and slapping her in her vagina. She said Jones ignored her requests to stop his behavior and continued touching her until he left the strip club.

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