James Vick Posts Lengthy Statement Following KO Loss, Announces Move to 170

After dropping his third straight defeat last weekend, James Vick has announced that his run at lightweight is over, and that he’s moving to welterweight.

Vick took on Dan Hooker at UFC San Antonio on Saturday, and was taken out by the dangerous striker in round one. The loss was the contender’s third straight.

Since then, the 32-year-old Vick (13-4) posted the statement below on Facebook.

Been doing alot of thinking and reflecting these past few days. Things aren’t ideal right now. But then again they never are in this game of life. I have been to blessed to stay down for a long time and my family doesn’t deserve that anyway. We all have different roles as a father, mother, or child but none are more important than the other and everyone has sacrificed not just me so no time to be in my feeling. The time is to show James Jr the proper example of how to handle not getting everything you want in life. Realizing fighting is not the most important thing in life has been the best but worse thing to ever happen to me. Definitely long term will be the best thing for me but right now short term has been the worse thing ever in my career and has did nothing but take my mind and focus off of fighting. And like Napoleon Hill says “the idle mind is the devil’s workshop” you can be physically present but not mentally. This isn’t some emotional post because I just took a another loss. I don’t feel this way because of losing but in my opinion it’s the opposite I’ve been losing because I feel like this. Thank you so much to the ppl that have supported me. I have received so many great messages from truly good ppl who care about me and have showed nothing but love and support. To my friends and fans thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. To update everyone I will be moving up to 170 next fight. Cutting weight is not easy and has really sucked these past few yrs. However I WILL NOT do what so many others have done and blame my loses on weight cuts or use it as a crutch. I have worked with George Lockhart the best nutritionist in all of mma and know he has always given me the best advice and knowledge possible. I myself have not followed the program at times and it has made some cuts tougher than others but either way I have never missed weight and also did what I signed the contract to do. Now the time has come to move up. I know this will make alot of ppl happy, especially all the mma couch watching professionals who know so much about nutrition anyway thank you to the ones who have always had my back and supported me and my decisions. Love you all!

It’s a classy move from Vick to not blame his losses on the weight cuts. But, when you consider he’s 6’3 tall, and what he appeared to go through to get to 155, it will be really interesting to see how he performs at 170.