The Club Brings Out The Heel In AJ Styles

Dear WWE Creative,

The WWE Universe has already heard and felt all the buzz that this past Monday Night RAW brought. The Red show had a nice and different feel to it – more pyro, more cursing, more edge, a far better flow, Simply put, it had, what people are calling, “Paul Heyman’s fingerprints all over it”; and it was wonderful.

The show started off with an explosion (literally), and a little “holy $h!t” from Corey Graves, when Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley tore through RAW’s front entrance; it ended with a bang when AJ Styles decided to turn back to the dark side and turn heel, thanks to a little coaxing from his former OG Bullet Club faction members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, better known to WWE main stream audiences as simply The Club.

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While AJ Styles turned in a similar scenario from when he was face the last time around and turned heel to join Anderson and Gallows, circa 2016 when he took a cheap shot at John Cena, I’d still considered the segment on this past RAW a win and a great way to end the show on such a high note. Fans may have been expecting Styles to turn, but I think its what we all wanted to see, which made it so entertaining. Sadly, the WWE has never truly known how to book Gallows and Anderson well on their own, and the beauty of The Phenomenal One turning heel and re-joining forces with his old stablemates is that the fans will once again get to see The Club in all its glory. From backstage and in-ring promos, to more television time on RAW (and potentially SmackDown Live), Styles works well with Gallows and Anderson (and vice versa). It offers fans a glimmer of hope around seeing this faction truly shine together, and as great as these three men are as babyfaces, they truly make even better heels.

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Could we see Finn Balor join the mix? Balor is all the way over on the SmackDown LIVE roster, and sadly, since the brand draft and Wild Card Rule has unfolded, we have seen very little of him, despite the fact that he is Intercontinental Champion right now. If he, or should he (maybe he should at this point), move on over with Style and crew, WWE main roster fans could be privy to a complete Club reunion, which is something many have wanted to see since Gallows, Anderson, and Styles joined the WWE in the first place, years ago.

Only time will truly tell; however, while its clear that Gallows and Anderson bring out the bad in AJ Styles, it’ll be interesting to see how these three superstars move forward in storylines from this point on, and how poor Ricochet will be able to fend them off in the long run, as he tries to protect his United States Championship reign.