Dana White Says Conor McGregor Wasn’t Happy About Comments Re: Proposed Jorge Masvidal Fight

Conor McGregor

After Jorge Masvidal made it very clear recently, he’d be down to fight Conor McGregor, Dana White punted the proposal. Well, the reason why White said the bout isn’t going to happen, evidently didn’t sit well with McGregor.

Masvidal is hoping to lock up a bout with welterweight champ Kamaru Usman, but if that can’t happen, “Gamebred” said he wants to throw hands with McGregor (well, that’s putting it mildly). Not surprisingly, that got back to White, but when he was asked about the match-up, the UFC President said Masvidal’s too big for McGregor.

Well, following UFC 240 this past weekend, White reported the following (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“Masvidal is too big for him,” White said. “I think Masvidal is too big. Conor disagrees, so Conor was not happy that I said that Masvidal was too big for him.”

“‘That pisses me off that you said he’s too big for me. I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: This guy will fight anybody, and I don’t care if he’s pissed off about it or not. I think that Masvidal is too big for Conor. So, if we ever get to that point, I’m sure it’s something Conor and I will fight about.”

Ya, this is not surprising to hear. McGregor fought Nate Diaz twice at 170, and Masvidal used to compete at 155 himself. In fact, you almost have to wonder if McGregor has started considering a bout with Masvidal, because of White’s comments…

All that aside, it remains to be seen what’s next for McGregor. Increasingly it looks like 2019 is going to come and go without him competing. The former lightweight and featherweight champ hasn’t fought since last October, when he was submitted by 155 champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov.