Cris Cyborg Beats Up Tough Punching Bag, Gets Back on Winning Track

The UFC’s biggest female featherweight star got snuffed out by bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes in her last fight, but Cris Cyborg did what she needed to do at UFC 240 last night. Namely, beat up whoever the UFC put in front of her. And thankfully, the UFC gave her a tough punching bag named Felicia Spencer.

Spencer is, of course, skilled and dangerous. Until last night, she was undefeated, and in her UFC debut, she ate Megan Anderson for dinner. But she’s dangerous at grappling, not striking. And though she wasted no time nailing Cyborg with an elbow early on that left the Brazilian bloody, that was about it for the “serious damage/serious threat” phase of Spencer’s side of the fight.

Don’t get me wrong. Spencer acquitted herself well. She is tougher than a two-dollar steak.

But unless you’re packing fists full of dynamite–like Nunes–you’re not going to out-gun Cyborg.

The best-case scenario played out for the UFC’s female featherweight division: Cyborg got the “W”.

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