Coach Reports Sergio Pettis is Planning Return to Flyweight

In recent months, the UFC has released or not resigned a lot of flyweight fighters. But, it sounds like Sergio Pettis has decided to return to the division where at one juncture, he was in thick of the title shot mix.

If you’re devout, MMA fan, then you know for months there’s been speculation that the UFC is going to chop the flyweight division, altogether. More recently, UFC President Dana White has said that the division is staying. But, he’s made those comments while discussing plans for Henry Cejudo, who is the bantamweight and flyweight champ. In other words, there’s still some talk that the UFC could still axe the weight class, if Cejudo’s no longer in the 125 picture.

Well, Pettis had moved up to 135 last year and dropped a decision loss to Rob Font. But recently his longtime coach, Duke Roufus, told MMA Fighting this:

“We just talked to his management team and we’re seeking to get on the San Francisco card,” Roufus said. “He’s looking to return to flyweight as well. I was with Henry Cejudo at a UFC pool party and I said, ‘Hey, thanks for saving the flyweight division.’

“I mean, the UFC said it didn’t go away, but it really did go away, they cut a lot of fighters, but Sergio wants to return to flyweight. He had a lot of success there.”

“…I think when he was younger, in between fights he was maybe a little less disciplined. He turns 26 next month and he lives a very disciplined lifestyle year-round. He’s very fit, does a lot of running, I just see that he’s changed as an athlete. My point is when he went to bantamweight he didn’t actually gain that much weight to become a bantamweight, which is weird. He would have had to go on a serious lifting regime to maintain the strength at bantamweight. …”

So, provided Pettis can make 125 in a healthy manner, this is good news for the 125 division. After all, Pettis isn’t far removed from a split decision win over Joseph Benavidez. So, if Benavidez does take the 125 belt, Pettis could be in line for a rematch if he wins his next fight. Further, although Pettis has losses to Jussier “Formiga” and Cejudo, he also holds wins over John Moraga and Brandon Moreno. In other words, his return to the division will add depth.

The UFC’s upcoming card in San Francisco is scheduled to take place on October 12th.