Braun Strowman Taken To Hospital With Seperated Pelvis

Braun Strowman

According to British newspaper The Sun and a variety of other media sources, Braun Strowman was transported to hospital in Texas after his match with Bobby Lashley. After going through the titantron, the WWE released a statement that Strowman had suffered a separated pelvis.

Has Braun Strowman Suffered A Genuine Injury?

Braun Strowman

Even though the WWE has released a statement stating that Braun Strowman has been injured, not all fans are convinced it is a genuine injury.

“@BraunStrowman has reportedly been admitted to a local medical facility with a possible separated pelvis.”

The company is known to use the injury storyline angle from time to time, and at this point, there is no real evidence that Strowman has suffered a genuine injury.

Obviously, a lot of fans are not buying the angle at the moment and are thinking it is all a big storyline. If Strowman has indeed suffered this injury though, he could be out for months to come.

WWE’s Past Injury Storylines

As mentioned earlier, the WWE has used injury storylines in the past. Below, we have listed some of the most notable ones.

Alexa Bliss Breaks Her Arm

Alexa Bliss

This is one of the most memorable ones for me personally, as I totally bought it at the time. However, Alexa is double-jointed, which gives her a keen ability to make her arm appear broken. During a match with Sasha Banks at Great Balls Of Fire, it looked like she either dislocated her elbow or broken her entire arm. Of course, this deception allowed her to take the win from Sasha Banks and it horrified many of the spectators at the time.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Gets Hit By A Car

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Attitude Era has a great amount of fake injuries as well, but one of the most notable ones involves Stone Cold Steve Austin. During a storyline with Rikishi and The Rock, Stone Cold allegedly got run over. It was so well executed, many fans bought it at the time. When you look at it now, you can see why.

Seth Rollins’ Knee Injury

Seth Rollins

Another fake injury that convinced many people was the knee injury of Seth Rollins just before WrestleMania 33. The WWE did not have to do much to convince the Universe though, especially when you consider that Seth Rollins had a history of severe knee injuries. Still, it made for a more tense runup to WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels Passes Out

Shawn Michaels

This was one of the more convincing fake injuries in history. During a match with Owen Hart in 1995, Michaels pretended to pass out in the middle of the match. Vince McMahon was on the commentary booth at the time and raced to see if Michaels was okay. Naturally, this certainly fed into the fake injury situation and many people bought it. In fact, there probably wasn’t a single viewer who did not buy it. It stands in stark contrast with current day television for sure.

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