Braun Strowman Signs New Contract With The WWE!

Braun Strowman Signs New Contract With The WWE!

There has been a lot of speculation about wrestlers potentially leaving the WWE for greener pastures; this in the form of AEW. Fortunately, the WWE has been able to hold onto one of its biggest stars, Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman Has Signed With The WWE For Another Four Years

Braun Strowman

Strowman made the announcement of his new contract signing on his Instagram, stating he signed for another four years. He also used the opportunity to praise his employer, mentioning he is working for the greatest promotion in the world.

“Well I’m sure more than a few of you will like this announcement!!!!!!!! Here’s to 4 more years of being the hardest working and best big man in the whole damn industry and working for the Greatest promotion in the world the @wwe#ThenNowAndForever #wwe#resigned#ILikeMillionDollarDealsWheresMyPenBiatchImSigning#FourMoreYearsOfPuttingButtsInSeatsAndSmilesOnFaces #BraunStrowman#BraunZilla #KingOfAllMonsters with my army behind me my #MonsterMilitia #ILoveMyJob#MonsterOnTopTheMountain”

Will Braun Strowman Get A Title Opportunity In The Future?

Braun Strowman

If Braun Strowman has signed a really lucrative deal with the WWE, you have to wonder how the company will use him in the future? After all, Braun has not been in the title picture for some time. That being said, Braun is still a major attraction for many fans, whether he is in the title picture or not.

Braun Strowman as the champion would be interesting though. He is not exactly a man who is easily beaten and maybe the WWE needs a champion that is a little larger than life. Getting the title should be an uphill battle, with Braun as champion, this would certainly be the case.

Other Braun News!

Even though it has been a little quieter around Strowman on the main roster – since he has not been in the title picture – he does have regular appearances. He also does his fair share of meet and greets. More recently, he actually met with former United States President George W. Bush.


Based on the photograph, reporters expect that George W. Bush and Braun Strowman shared a workout at the former president’s residence. It is certainly one of the most interesting pictures of the year.

In addition to his meeting with George W. Bush, Braun Strowman was also in the news recently after he revealed the name he came up with for his fanbase. The Monster Among Men stated that an army is accumulating behind him, who he now refers to as his “Monster Militia”.

I, for one, am a proud member of the Monster Militia. Strowman is always interesting to watch, even if he is involved in less than interesting storylines. Unfortunately, he never really won any serious titles. He became the Raw tag team champion once alongside an 11-year-old, only to relinquish the title the very next day. If Vince is serious about building Braun Strowman into a larger than life superstar, he really needs a title run. Maybe it is an idea to have Strowman face Lesnar, squash him, and let him take the WWE Universal Championship away from him. He would certainly be a champion I look forward to watching.

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