5 Surprises That Could Happen At Extreme Rules This Sunday

The WWE Universe is mere days away from the last WWE pay-per-view (PPV) before heading officially into SummerSlam season; therefore, it’s not a far reach to expect some huge shockers during the show to help set up this Big Four event and storylines moving forward.

Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins Lose

It does seem a little far-fetched that WWE’s super couple is going to lose this Sunday, and it’s not only because Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans might not be ready to lead their respective divisions; however, what are the odds that the WWE powers that be would hand over these reigns to both Evans and Corbin on the cusp of SummerSlam season? The mixed tag “winner takes all” match can’t paint a picture of only one major champ face losing their title, it’s the whole whammy. But still, how shocked would everyone be, both live and at home, if The Man and her man lost this match, and both their belts?

Sasha Banks Finally Returns

WWE fans felt a bit of tease last night on Monday Night RAW in this regard. Nikki Cross has been a fearless and loyal friend to Alexa Bliss; earning her this SmackDown LIVE women’s title match, plus the added stipulation that it is now a two-on-one bout. And during their post-match faceoff, Nikki implied that Bayley needed to find herself a friend and friendship like the one Alexa has. Well, The Hugger once did have that type of friend prior to Wrestlemania, and while The Boss has taken a breather for months now, with some reports indicating she almost wanted to leave the company because of the way she had been booked as of late, friend Bayley would return to work after losing their Women’s titles on the Grandest Stage of Them All and end up as 2019 Miss Money in the Bank (MITB), and eventually SD LIVE Women’s Champion. Not only could Sasha Banks return at Extreme Rules for a surprising moment, but there’s a chance she could help Bayley retain her title on Sunday, and then turn on her; setting up a program between these two at SummerSlam.

Bray Wyatt Appearance

No more Firefly Funhouse segments on RAW or SD LIVE is unfortunate; however, it also signifies that Bray Wyatt could be heading into in-ring action and potentially *gasp* a storyline. The WWE Universe has waited a very long time to see this unravel, and Wyatt could appear as the Fiend and cause a little chaos during Extreme Rules.

Brock Cashes In On Kofi Kingston

The target has always seemingly been Universal Champion Seth Rollins, but what if Mr. MITB Brock Lesnar decides to cash in on Kofi Kingston Sunday night? It would be a bit of a swerve to say the least.

He Fails

Most MITB cash-ins are successful, and in its long and rich storyline history, only three superstars have been unsuccessful. Add in the fact that we are talking about Brock Lesnar, a man that rarely loses matches as it is, and it seems pretty certain that whomever The Beast targets with his MITB contract, he’ll score a win. How shocking would it be if Lesnar pops up on Sunday, cashes in his briefcase (Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston), and ends up losing the match, thus wasting his MITB opportunity?