WWE Superstars Discuss Poor WWE Ratings – Is The Secret Out?

Vince McMahon WWE ratings

We have been discussing the poor WWE ratings over the past couple weeks, addressing possible contributors such as bookings, low superstar moral, and even Vince McMahon himself.

Despite the fact that ratings have failed miserably, the WWE have largely ignored now poorly they have been doing, except for the public admission that they were going to make some changes. However, no WWE superstars have openly discussed the problems. That is, until now…

Nia Jax Lifts The Lid On Poor WWE Ratings


One of the current superstars who has been mentioning the tanking ratings in public is none other than Nia Jax. While she did not specifically meant to talk about the ratings, she did mention it nonetheless.

The statement made by Nia Jax came during a Twitter rant towards Becky Lynch. During the tweet, Nia told Becky to return to the “tanking ratings” and that she is making the titles irrelevant. Leave aside what she told Becky, Nia did acknowledge there is a problem with WWE ratings.

Acknowledgement From WWE Management

Vince McMahon Triple H WWE ratings

The poor ratings in the WWE are probably the worst-kept secret in the world right now. In the first quarter of 2019, chairman Vince McMahon explained why live events and television ratings were not doing so well; this during the earnings call of the company.

“I think going into—or fourth quarter in to first quarter, we had a very unusual situation in terms of talents—top talents as well as mid-card talent to being out, some 15 talent of course in that period. When you have talent, you don’t have story lines, you don’t have story lines, you’re not going to do that well in terms of live events, in terms of television ratings, it was like a cascade of things that happened. I’m happy to say, we have all of those challenges. Back in addition to that, we have new challenges coming in.”

Even Triple H has hinted at the ratings situation. However, he sees the situation differently; this much was clear when he liked the following tweet from a fan.

Maybe the problem with the Raw and SmackDown ratings isn’t due to wrestlers injured, it’s that [Vince McMahon puts] confusing and pointless storylines. Although it wouldn’t hurt if you gave your wrestlers insurance. Just a thought.”

Even veteran and WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts put in his two cents, which frankly is quite on point.

“When you’re doing scripted stuff, the character is not there and the people see through it. They realize these guys are just reading. The fans want more. They deserve more. But, whenever Vince started this whole thing up and killed all the territories, that was the breeding.”

Based on the statements made by WWE superstars and veterans, it is clear that the fault does not lay with the wrestlers at this point. While some have managed to shine continuously, others are getting lost in the mix or have to deal with uninteresting storylines, with the Brock Lesnar briefcase win being one of the most recent. What has to change? Vince needs to take a cold hard look at what he knows and how he could benefit from using some ideas from others.

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