WWE Is Hiring + Possible New Logo For SmackDown On Fox

‘-If ever you wanted to work for WWE, they have jobs posted.

Given the current state of the product, it may come as no surprise that they have a job listing for new writers. The posting covers junior and senior level spots, and can be found here.

Now, not just anyone can apply and have a chance. The listing does require experience writing, and favors those with experience in television production or similar fields.

The downside here is that the post does not seem to push or value any prior experience with wrestling. While this is disappointing for those fans who want WWE to get back to the wrestling, it isn’t a huge shock as they’ve brought in other writers in the past with no real connection to wrestling.

Hopefully they find some interesting candidates who are creative and also big wrestling fans, or get lucky and bring some folks in who can otherwise help fix the weekly mess that fans are turning away from in droves.

-By now, everyone knows that SmackDown Live is leaving it’s long-time home network this fall. After a very long run on the USA Network, WWE is taking the blue brand show over to Fox beginning in October.

We’ve all expected that the show will undergo some changes to coincide with the transition. Among things expected, but not confirmed-new stage and set, new theme music, perhaps some new faces, and new logos.

While nothing has been made official thus far, there has been a leak of what sure looks to be a legitimate new logo for the television show.

Again, nothing has been officially announced, but this does seem to be a likely new look for the show. We will find out for certain soon enough.