WWE Fans Furious WIth Empty Money In The Bank Promises!

Money in the bank

When it was announced that Brock Lesnar would cash-in his contract this week against Seth Rollins, many fans were wondering what the WWE would do to ruin the moment. Nothing seems  to be the answer, because the cash-in never happened. As the cash-in was advertised, many fans have been left furious with the empty Money in the Bank promise.

Not Just Money in the Bank, But A Company Of False Promises

Money in the bank

Fans have not been happy with the overall empty promises of the WWE, but the Money in the Bank cash-in not happening seems to have been another slap in the face. Fans are already fearing a lengthy run with the briefcase for Brock Lesnar, and this seems to solidify their fears.

Here are some of the main reactions after the cash-in did not happened:

Before the advertised cash-in, fans were already sceptical is was going to happen. Another wrestling website, Wrestling Inc, did a poll on the supposed cash in. Unsurprisingly, 94% of fans predicted it would not happen.

Will It Happen On Friday?

Money in the bank

Let’s fact it, it is no real surprise that the cash in did not happen. With the Saudi Arabia event happening – and it being advertised as “better than WrestleMania” – the company is obviously looking for a draw. Without sounding too much like a negative Nancy, I don’t really look forward to it and I am not really sure I want to watch the event. At the moment, the WWE does not have a product that I’m interested in, besides NXT that is. I wonder just how many wrestling fans are feeling the same way?

One way it might manifest in the nearby future is the WWE losing fans to its main rival AEW. The company just came out of their first event Double Or Nothing, which has been considered as a massive success. There is some major talent on the roster, complemented by a better backstage moral. I wonder how it will all play out?

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