Bellator 222 Results: That Heather Hardy Hype Is, Uh, Also Dead

Oh yeah, Bellator 222 had another hype train come to a screeching halt, this one by the name of Heather Hardy.

Like Aaron Pico, Hardy has a decent combat sports pedigree, although Pico’s is in wrestling and Hardy’s is in boxing. And guess what boxers are notoriously unable to do in the cage? Fight on the ground!

Taylor Turner, who’s pretty much a nobody, got Hardy down and just mauled her, pounding away until finally the ref was like, “My God, woman, stop killing her!”

I don’t know if there were ever expectations that Hardy would ever be more than a “notable name” on a card. I mean, what belt would she fight for? Regardless, like Pico, she’s had all of her MMA fights in Bellator. She needs to gain more experience before she is given any more hype.

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