Smackdown Live (6/4/2019): Recap & Results

Smackdown Live (6/4/2019)

The Mix brings you Ringside Intel’s recap and results for tonight’s Smackdown Live (6/4/2019) broadcast. Show starts at 8 pm EST. Will Goldberg respond to The Undertaker’s promo from last night? Tweet and follow @RingsideIntel on Twitter.

Smackdown Live: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring with Xavier Woods. Kofi cuts a promo about how the last 3 months have taught him that anything can happen. And he wants to stand as an example that inspires people to believe that anything is possible. Kofi reflects on his recent trip to his home country of Ghana and how it moved him to put hope in the eyes of all the people there. He was overjoyed to be able to tell them that they can do it too. As Kofi continues, suddenly Dolph Ziggler comes out with something to say.

Ziggler says he appreciates Kofi’s journey, but this isn’t about him. What about Ziggler’s journey? Ziggler shows a video package of his own career. When it’s done, he says he gave his soul to WWE and it was Kofi who gets the WrestleMania moment… Ziggler cries out “It should have been me!!” Kofi says he knows what it feels like to be passed up for opportunities. But there was one thing Ziggler left out of his video package. Kofi shows a clip of Ziggler relinquishing his title and walking out on WWE back in 2017.

Kofi says if it should have been Ziggler, it would have been. Ziggler quit, walked out, took himself out of the game. Kofi on the other hand… no matter how bleak things got, he never quit. He never quit on himself and he never quit on the WWE Universe. The crowd chants Kofi’s name. Kofi says Ziggler keeps saying it should have been him, but as long as he’s WWE Champion, it will never be him. Ziggler responds by showing a clip of himself beating Kofi up last week and stomping a folding chair on his neck. Ziggler says, “Friday it will be me.”

As Ziggler is leaving, Kevin Owens’ music hits and he comes out with Sami Zayn beside him. They will face Kofi and Woods in tag action.

Tag Team Match: WWE Champion Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Kofi gets the pinfall for the victory.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

After the match, Ziggler attacks Kofi from behind and leaves him laid out in the ring.


Shane McMahon cuts a promo about how he brutalized Roman Reigns last night. He adds that he will head out to the ring shortly to call Reigns out and see how he responds.


Alexa Bliss comes out for A Moment Of Bliss. Her guest tonight is Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Bliss makes Bayley wait while she orders a coffee. Then Bliss tells Bayley that she clearly had a good night when she won the title at Money In The Bank. Bayley says it was years of hard work, not just one night. Bliss barely acknowledges that and recalls when she was champion. She says the title really meant something when she held it. Bliss asks if Bayley thinks the title still means as much around her waist.

As Bayley is responding, Bliss cuts her off as her coffee arrives. Bayley gets up and slaps the coffee out of her hands and Bliss asks if that’s the type of champ Bayley wants to be. Then Carmella’s music hits and she comes out to suggest that she should be the next contender for Bayley’s title. Before Bliss can argue, Charlotte Flair comes out. Charlotte says that Shane McMahon just informed her there will be a No. 1 contenders match to determine the challenger at Stomping Grounds. It will be a Triple Threat Match between Mella, Bliss and Charlotte.


R-Truth is complaining that the 24/7 Title is ruining his life. Shane McMahon ends up telling him that it’s time he had a proper match to defend the title. And that will happen right now.


Lumberjack Match for the 24/7 Championship: R-Truth (c) vs. Elias

Shane set up this opportunity for his buddy Elias. The match is over quickly with Elias taking the victory.

Winner: Elias (c)

After the match, all the lumberjacks move in to attack Elias in an attempt to take the title for themselves. Elias manages to slither out of the ring, outside the notice of the chaos in the ring. R-Truth ends up getting to Elias and they battle under the ring and out of sight. Suddenly the bell rings and R-Truth emerges from under the ring with a ref, title in hand.

Winner: R-Truth (c)


Shane McMahon comes out with The Revival by his side. He cuts a promo and does his shtick. Roman Reigns ends up coming out to face him but Drew McIntyre blindsides him and Shane, McIntyre and The Revival lay waste to Reigns in the ring and leave him laying.


Triple Threat Match for the No. 1 Contenders Spot: Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

Bliss picks up the victory and becomes the No. 1 contender for Stomping Grounds.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


Lars Sullivan is interviewed in the ring.


Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor and Andrade scrap it out in the ring ahead of their title match on Friday at Super Showdown.


Goldberg does his entrance out to the ring to cut a promo on The Undertaker, who he will face on Friday. The crowd chants, “Goldberg!” In response to Taker’s words last night, Goldberg says he will be leaving the family man at home. And Taker will be the one to “Rest In Peace.” Suddenly, Taker’s gong hits and the Dead Man appears behind Goldberg. They go face-to-face for a moment, but then the lights go out and Taker disappears. Goldberg says for Taker to tighten his jock strap this Friday because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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