Smackdown Live (6/18/2019): Recap & Results

Smackdown Live (6/18/2019)

The Mix brings you Ringside Intel’s recap and results for tonight’s Smackdown Live (6/18/2019) broadcast. Show starts at 8 pm EST. Dolph Ziggler and Xavier Woods will square off in one-on-one action. Tweet and follow @RingsideIntel on Twitter.

Smackdown Live (6/18/2019): 8 pm EST

Show opens up and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston comes out to the ring with his New Day brothers Big E and Xavier Woods. They start to cut a promo but then Dolph Ziggler’s music hits. Ziggler comes out and says New Day is just trying to distract from what happened at Super Showdown. And the fact they’re trying to distract from is that Kofi doesn’t deserve to be champ. Without New Day, Kofi would be nothing, Ziggler says. But they won’t be able to have his back on Sunday when they’re together in a steel cage fighting for the title.

Ziggler says that after Sunday Kofi will have to apologize to everyone. He will have to admit that he failed. The crowd boos and then chants Kofi’s name. Ziggler tells Kofi to pay attention because on Sunday it will be him slamming his body into the steel. On Sunday, it will be Ziggler! Kofi responds by gyrating his hips and saying that Sunday he’ll still be “W-W-E World Heavyweight Champion.” Ziggler ferociously replies that on Sunday, “IT WILL BE ME!!!”

Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Xavier Woods

During the match, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens run out and attack WWE Champ Kofi Kingston and Big E at ringside, taking them out of the game. Ziggler finishes Woods clean with some superkicks and sends a message to Kofi ahead of their match Sunday.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Alexa Bliss comes out with Nikki Cross for A Moment of Bliss. Her guest tonight is Smackdown Women’s Champ Bayley. Bliss starts asking about her coffee and Bayley ends up coming out drinking it. Bliss wears a shit-eating grin and feigns amusement over the whole affair. Bayley then says that she never talked smack about Bliss. Then she tells Cross that Bliss is just using her and isn’t her real friend.

Bliss puts Bayley on blast and says back in NXT everyone treated her like garbage. When she turned to the supposed “nice” person in the locker room, Bayley, even she made her feel worthless. The only women who gave her the time of day was Charlotte. Now Bayley is out there with her Bayley buddies acting like a lovable hugger. Bayley replies that Bliss is making up things to gain sympathy. Bliss says Bayley could never have achieved what she has without help and Baylet retorts that she’s earned everything she has.

Bliss says Bayley peaked in NXT and things end up popping off. Bayley charges Bliss and starts to beat her down. Cross jumps in and throws Bayley off and yells at her for costing her the Tag Team Championships last night. Bliss capitalizes on the distraction and blindsides Bayley. Bliss and Bayley leave, with Bayley laid out on the stage.


Tag Team Match: The B-Team vs. Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery hits the Compacter for the finish. They will face Tag Champs Daniel Bryan and Rowan on Sunday.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

After the match, Rollins comes out and batters the B-Team with a steel chair for siding with Corbin.


Shane McMahon comes out with Drew McIntyre and Elias to cut a promo. The Miz ends up coming out to interrupt and he shows some clips of Roman Reigns beating them up in slow-motion. Miz says he has even more footage to show but Shane says the guys in the production truck will be fired if they air it. Miz says Shane is only the boss’s son. He’s like that kid on the team who only made it because his dad was the coach. Shane says Miz seems to have daddy issues. It’s not Shane’s fault his dad is a billionaire and Miz’s dad came from the dirt like a baked potato.

Miz says he feels responsible for this ego trip that Shane is currently on, and it’s his job to end it. Shane says Miz isn’t responsible for anything, he just couldn’t cut it. It was Shane who was the one that stepped in and earned the “Best in the world” title. Shane then decides to put Miz in a Handicap Match against Drew McIntyre and Elias. But R-Truth is suddenly seen at ringside and Miz enlists him as a tag team partner. R-Truth, reluctantly, acquiesces. The match is made an Elimination Match.

Tag Team Elimination Match: The Miz & 24/7 Champ R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre & Elias

Truth gets pinned and then a bunch of guys come out and chase after him to get his title. Miz is left in a 1-on-2 situation. Miz is pinned after a Claymore Kick from McIntyre.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Elias

After the match, Shane, McIntyre and Elias gang up and continue to beat on Miz.


2-out-of-3 Falls Tag Team Match: Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Kofi nails Zayn with a Trouble In Paradise and eliminates him, leaving Owens on his own in the match. Zayn still continues to interfere in the match throughout. Finally, after a rapid sequence, Rollins plants Owens with a Stomp for the victory.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins


That concludes this recap of Smackdown Live (6/18/2019). Also, check out the recap of Raw last night.

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