Sean O’Malley Off UFC 239 Because He’s Got Picograms and He’s Not Jon Jones

Jon Jones

Jon Jones lives a blessed existence when it comes to drug tests. After all, he can literally have trace amounts of steroids still in his bloodstream, and athletic commissions will bend over background to still license him to fight. (And if they won’t, the UFC will move whole pay-per-view cards to other states that will.)

Sadly, Sean O’Malley is not Jon Jones. When O’Malley is found with trace amounts of drugs in his system, he gets the “not Jon Jones” treatment and is sent to detention after school.

O’Malley was supposed to fight on the UFC 239 card in Las Vegas (a card Jones himself is headlining), but alas, now he’s off the card and suspended by the commission.

Apparently, O’Malley somehow needs to be more like Jon Jones.

Here’s ESPN:

Sean O’Malley has been temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) due to trace amounts of the prohibited substance ostarine being found in his system, the UFC bantamweight announced Friday on social media.

O’Malley was scheduled to fight Marlon Vera at UFC 239 on July 6 in Las Vegas. That was to be O’Malley’s return fight after being suspended six months by the NSAC for testing positive for the same substance last year.

O’Malley wrote on Instagram on Friday that USADA, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, will not be sanctioning him because there is a belief that the trace amounts being currently found stem from the previous ingestion.

He also wrote that he was looking forward to going before the NSAC with scientific experts to explain why trace amounts of ostarine were still showing up in his system. He said he never intentionally took performance-enhancing drugs.

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