Monday Night Raw (6/3/2019): Recap & Results

Monday Night Raw (6/3/2019)

The Mix brings you Ringside Intel’s recap and results for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw (6/3/2019) broadcast. Show starts at 8 pm EST. Paul Heyman has supposedly confirmed that Brock Lesnar will cash in his Money In The Bank contract tonight. Tweet and follow @RingsideIntel on Twitter.

Monday Night Raw: 8 pm EST

Show opens up and Roman Reigns comes out to the ring. The commentators remind everyone that this Friday will be Super Showdown, where Reigns will take on Shane McMahon. Before Reigns can get started, Shane’s music hits and he comes out. Before Shane gets started, he has the ring announcer belt out a proper “Best in the world” for him. Then he cuts a promo on Reigns. Shane even says he may just put Reigns in a Triangle Choke this Friday and tap him out. Reigns smirks. Shane continues but Reigns tells him to shut up.

Reigns says he’d love for Shane to try and tap him out because he’d put him through the mat. Shane can’t do anything without Drew McIntyre, Reigns says. McIntyre comes out and starts talking trash at Reigns. He says he and Shane will take him out right now. They start marching to the ring, when The Revival suddenly attacks Reigns from behind and starts battering him. The Usos run out to Reigns’ rescue and drive the attackers off. Then a 6-man tag match is made.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Roman Reigns & The Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & The Revival

McIntyre nails an Uso with the Claymore Kick for the 3-count.

Winners: Drew McIntyre & The Revival

After the match, Shane joins his trio of heels and they dish out a 4-on-1 assault on Reigns. Reigns is hit with a Shatter Machine. Then, a Claymore Kick again. And finally, Reigns’ lifeless corpse is held up as Shane delivers a Spear, Reigns’ own move, straight through his gut. The four heels leave Reigns mangled in the ring as they leave in celebratory fashion. They all stop on the main stage and look back at Reigns, smiling, jeering.


The Miz comes out to the ring for an edition of Miz TV. With Brock Lesnar’s impending MITB cash-in looming, his guest tonight is Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Miz asks him about Lesnar’s reported cash-in tonight and Rollins replies that Miz is making the assumption Lesnar will even show up tonight. As far as Rollins is concerned, he’s defending his title against the No. 1 contender Baron Corbin this Friday at Showdown. Suddenly, Lesnar and Heyman are shown arriving in the limo at the arena. Lesnar hands Heyman his MITB briefcase and they start to head toward Gorilla Position.

Lesnar is about to pass through the curtain and out onto the set, but he turns around and walks the other way. Rollins has a look of annoyed disbelief as his music starts to play. Though the commentators reaffirm that Lesnar is at the arena and has promised to cash in tonight.


Lucha House Party comes out for a match but Lars Sullivan attacks them, the way he does. This time, though, instead of Sullivan laying waste to everyone in his path, LHP manages to drive him off. Sullivan roars with anger at this defeat.


Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch comes out to the ring. She starts to cut a promo but then Lacey Evans comes out. Evans says she refuses to let a woman like Becky represent her division. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she comes out talking some trash but Evans tells her to run along, or else get “educated with a “Woman’s Right”. Charlotte smirks and Evans clunks her with a little shot. Charlotte is angry and they start getting ready for a match.

Singles Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans

Becky gets impatient and interferes causing the disqualification.


Becky puts a beating on Evans and then holds her title over her, talking trash as Evans lies wounded on the mat.


Dubious United States Champion Rey Mysterio comes out to the ring, limping. He is set to relinquish the title due to injury. Rey says he needs to lay it out straight for everyone. He loves WWE and has had a great career, he says. But now he looks to his son Dominic, who he believes will carve out his own path in the business. Rey says he wants to set a good example for his son, and that’s why… Samoa Joe’s music hits and interrupts as Rey’s reveal. Joe says Rey is telling these people a lie. Rey isn’t injured. He’s ducking out because he knows he never beat Joe.

Joe reminds Rey that his shoulders were not pinned to the mat when he won in their match. Rey says he’s not out there to mess around with this beef right now. He requests a moment to state his own business. Rey says because of what happend at MITB, he’s here to relinquish the belt to Joe. Rey tells Joe this won’t be the last Joe hears of him. Joe suddenly charges at Rey and puts him in a Coquina Clutch, choking him out. Joe then leaves triumphantly and holds the belt above his head.


Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley come out for an arm wrestle. Strowman ends up winning but Lashley throws chalk in his face after and then batters him while he’s blinded. Lashley delivers a Running Powerslam to Strowman.


Drake Maverick is shown with some others, stalking 24/7 champion R-Truth, who is with Carmella.


Singles Match: Nikki Cross (with Alexa Bliss) vs. Tag Champ Peyton Royce (with Tag Champ Billie Kay)

After some shenanigans with Bliss having water spilled on her by Royce, Cross seizes a moment of distraction to his her finisher.

Winner: Nikki Cross


Universal Champ Seth Rollins comes out to cut a promo on MITB winner Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has promised to cash-in his contract tonight. Lesnar comes out and starts destroying Rollins. Paul Heyman implores Lesnar to cash-in, but Lesnar isn’t interested in that. Lesnar says he’ll do it Friday at Super Showdown and then just beats Rollins down mercilessly. Lesnar walks off while Rollins has to get taken out on a stretcher.


Bray Wyatt appears in another Firefly Fun House segment.


Triple H and Randy Orton come out to the ring to face-off ahead of their match on Friday. Triple H says it’s been a while since they stared each other in the eye. Triple H says there’s nothing either of them can say that they haven’t said to each other before. Their rivalry is going on 20 years now. Orton tells him that he’s not Batista. Triple H replies that a lot of people have tried to take him down, and he’s still standing. Orton is not the one, H says.

As Triple H is about to leave, Orton tells Triple H to wait… then he tells Triple H to get his balls out of Stephanie’s purse. Both men laugh, almost as if the remark was off-script. Triple H then makes up some awkward comeback about how his balls are so big it’s going to be hard to manage his request. Then he leaves and Orton chuckles to himself.


Singles Match: Ricochet vs. Cesaro

After a back and forth tilt, Ricochet scores the sudden roll-up for the 3-count.

Winner: Ricochet

After the match, Cesaro attacks Ricochet and beats him down. As Cesaro gets a table from under the ring, 24/7 champ R-Truth is laying on the table, hiding. A bunch of guys run out and try to pin him but Truth manages to escape with some help from Carmella.


The Undertaker does his entrance out to the ring, as he will face Goldberg on Friday. The crowd chants for him as he stands in the ring. Taker says he doesn’t want to face Goldberg the family man, he wants Goldberg the unstoppable, nigh mythical force in wrestling. Take says he will claim Goldberg’s soul for all of eternity, and adds “Goldberg, you’re next!”

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