Matt Riddle

One of the most popular and loved superstars in NXT at the moment is Matt Riddle. Despite not being fond of him initially, I started to warm up to his character recently. Of course, the line between character and real life is easily crossed, as proves a tweet from Matt Riddle recently, where he commented on Lacey Evans’ performance.

What Was The Tweet?

Before we go into it, let’s just say that Lacey Evans undersold a Bayley-To-Belly during Monday Night Raw and many fans picked up on it. One fan even took to twitter, and was undoubtedly surprised when none other than Matt Riddle posted a response.

A pun at WWE’s Super ShowDown and Lacey Evans at the same time from Matt Riddle. However, this is not the first time Matt Riddle has released his opinion on Twitter. He even had some digs at Brock Lesnar’s expense, which I found to be quite entertaining and on point.

At this time, there have been no repercussion for Matt Riddle in terms of his tweets. Naturally, there are some superstars that use their twitter to get heat with other superstars and build rivalries in the future. I am sure that this is the point of Riddle’s  tweets as well, although his statements were certainly marked with lots of truth.

More Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle

Since his arrival in the WWE, people have been waiting with baited breath to see how Matt Riddle would evolve as a wrestler. Fortunately, Matt Riddle delivered, putting on some amazing matches since his debut. Despite the fact that WWE fans and UFC fans are inherently different, Riddle managed the transition almost flawlessly.

In recent months, Riddle has some amazing rivalries; this includes one with current North American Champion Velveteen Dream and veteran Kassius Ohno, who has now seemingly moved to NXT UK. While his match with Ohno could have been a little better, the match with The Dream certainly delivered big!

There is a bright future for Matt Riddle in the WWE, and a possible rivalry between him and Brock Lesnar, after which Lesnar is expected to retire. A guy like Riddle is certainly something I would be more excited about where potential championship material is concerned. I am tired of the Lesnar hype, especially after his previous championship runs and the recent MITB win. After all, a part-timer who has no interest in putting on the best matches for fans should not be on this level in wrestling. Riddle seems willing to put in the extra mile, so I cannot wait to see what the main roster could have in store for him.