UFC on ESPN+12 Results: The Korean Zombie Rises From the Dead, Eats Renato Moicano

I was lamenting that military service stole away from us the best years of the Korean Zombie (a.k.a., Chan Sung Jung), but then he goes ahead and wins in under a minute.

In the main event of UFC on ESPN+12 (the only memorable fight), TKZ took on Brazilian up-and-comer Renato Moicano. The bout was at least expected to be a hard-fought banger, with our favorite South Korean taking punishment, standing on the brink, and rally back to wore Moicano down. But nope. In 58 seconds, TKZ slipped a punch, dropped Moicano with a knuckle sandwich of his own, and pounded the dude into oblivion.

How much of a fan favorite is the Korean Zombie? I was sitting on press row at the bare knuckle fights in Florida, and journalists were watching the Zombie fight on their laptop and cheering – cheering for Zombie while attending another show!

I don’t know how many more fights TKZ can give us, but we’d do well to soak up and relish every one of them.

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