WWE Superstars Becky Lynch

Some WWE superstars have enjoyed a massive push since the end of last year, while others have started getting their push this year. Unfortunately for some of these WWE superstars, the push may be ending this year. Here are the rumored WWE superstars who may fall.

Top Pick Among WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston

WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston

Since Kofi was never meant to take the title – and the fact that other WWE superstars were meant to be pushed – it is likely that his push will be coming to an end. Even though his championship reign has been one of the more interesting things to watch this year, it seems that Vince is ready to pull the plug on it. I just hope he does not get overlooked again in the future.

Sami Zayn

WWE Superstars Sami Zayn

This is one of the most tragic for me personally, because I love Sami’s energy. He is a guy that wants to do well and puts all the energy in his performance, but signs are pointing to him becoming a jobber once again.

Since his departure from NXT, Zayn has somewhat failed to solidify himself in the title picture. I want to note that this is of no fault of his own, as Vince has a preconceived notion of how a WWE should look and act. It is a shame though, especially for those of us who remember Sami from NXT. There is also a rumor that Sami might be looking at AEW!

Baron Corbin

WWE Superstars Baron Corbin

Even though Baron Corbin is on the list, I heavily doubt that Vince will pull the plug. Still, there are many who disagree with me on this point; this includes Forbes and Whatculture. They believe that Corbin is such a put-off for the watching audience, Vince is about to pull the plug on his push and all future big matches.

Drew McIntyre

WWE Superstars Drew McIntyre

Another name that makes me sad on a personal level. Drew McIntyre has been one of my favorites across the board. He has an imposing presence and lots of charisma. He also does great promos and matches, but this does not mean the WWE will not drop the ball with Drew.

Despite the rumors that Drew McIntyre may be lost in the mix, it is widely known that Triple H is a big supporter of McIntyre. Hopefully, that will keep his position as a heel safe within the company.

Becky Lynch

WWE Superstars Becky LYnch

Unfortunately, Becky Two-Belts Lynch is also on this list. However, the reason for it is not because of Lynch’s performance as a champion. In fact, the WWE are thinking the decline of the WWE is because of pushing the women’s division (which they really have not – hello Saudi Arabia show!). Still, Becky might have to pay for Vince’s lack of understanding WWE fans. Just one of many WWE superstars who will pay the price.