Francis Ngannou Punches Junior Dos Santos Into Oblivion – Now What?

Francis Ngannou

Much like the flyweight division, the heavyweight division is in a bit of flux. Sure, the heavyweights aren’t in danger of going away, but the champ–Daniel Cormier–is on the very tail end of his career, and waffles between maybe rematching Jon Jones, taking on Brock Lesnar, or doing any match-up that will net him the biggest bucks. So when Francis Ngannou punched Junior dos Santos into oblivion in the main event of UFC on ESPN 3 last night, he was likely earning himself a title shot – but against whom?

Honestly, it was a simple mistake that cost former champ Dos Santos the bout. He over-committed on a punch, and Ngannou slipped it and then battered him senseless in the scant milliseconds the Brazilian was off-balance and exposed. Which is what you do when you have your window of opportunity open up before you.

But what now? Is Ngannou going to wait around for Cormier to say yes to a fight against him? Or for Cormier to lose the belt or retire?

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