EC3 Releases Tweet Hinting at Problems With The WWE


When John Cena released one of his usual inspirational tweets this week, he got a response from none other than EC3. However, EC3’s post was not positive at all and hints at him being desperately unhappy within the WWE. Here is the story.

EC3 “Dreams Become Nightmares”


EC3 started out great when he returned to the WWE, getting some top spots in NXT. However, once he arrived on the main roster, he soon became lost in the shuffle and has become a jobber. No fan can understand why EC3 has been put in that position, yet this has been happening for some time now.

John Cena posted the following tweet on his social media this week:

“Never stop dreaming. Chasing those dreams requires an incredible amount of work. Never give up.”

Shortly after the tweet has been put up, EC3 responded:

“Dreams become nightmares.”

With the tweet, EC3 is clearly talking about his position within the company. Since he moved up from the NXT roster, WWE have not used them except for some jobber spots. Everyone knows EC3 is much better than that, but it seems to be missed by the company’s management.

One Of The Most Successful Indie Wrestlers


Nobody can deny that EC3 is one of the most successful indie wrestlers in existence today. During his long stint with TNA, he had matches with the likes of Sting, Kurt Angle, and even Matt Hardy. He was one of the best-known indie wrestlers, yet he ended up on the developmental brand.

The NXT brand seemed to be a good choice for EC3 though, as he thrived among other NXT stars such as Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano, Tomasso Ciampa, and Adam Cole.

Ethan Carter The Third spent a full year on NXT and was called up roughly one year later alongside Aleister Black, Lacey Evans, Ricochet, and Heavy Machinery. However, nothing has been done with the wrestler since. Considering how they have been treating Ethan, I doubt he will receiving any push in the nearby future.

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