Conor McGregor Jumps in And Challenges Mark Wahlberg, After Justin Bieber Calls For Fight With Tom Cruise…

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor’s Twitter feed is making headlines once again, but not because of a fiery interaction with a fellow UFC fighter. Nope, this time around it’s because the brash star is calling for a bout with Mark Wahlberg (wink, wink), after Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to fight in the Octagon…Yes, you’re reading this right.

Recently the pop star Bieber let it be known that he wants to scrap Cruise under the UFC banner, and he even looped in Dana White on the challenge. Following the eyebrow raising, perplexing tweet, McGregor shared out the following response:

McGregor is certainly a master when it comes to slinging zingers and generating headlines. If you’re wondering, and or care, Bieber has reportedly done some training in boxing. The movie star Wahlberg, as McGregor alluded to, is one of the investors in the UFC’s ownership group.

All this has gone down after Tony Ferguson returned to the Octagon this past weekend at UFC 238, and earned a TKO win (via doctor stoppage) over Donald Cerrone. After the bout, the former interim champ said he wants to fight for the belt next, but Ferguson also said he was open to a showdown with McGregor.