Carmella And Cardi B Teaming Up For Summerslam Match?

Carmella and Cardi B

The WWE regularly uses celebrities in matches during the big pay-per-views. In the past, we had celebrities such as Mohammed Ali and even Stephen Amell from the hit series Arrow.Β Now, we might even get one of the world’s best selling artists Cardi B. Here’s the story.

Showing Her Love For Wrestling

carmella and cardi B

Cardi B’s love for wrestling only came to light recently. In a video she posted on her Twitter, it seems like she was rapping from one of the WWE offices. She would then add Eddie Guerrero’s classic line “I lie, I cheat, I steal” into a tweet. Naturally, this prompted questions from fans, asking her how she knew about wrestling. This is what she had to say:

WWE Superstars Show Their Enthusiasm

Since many people are following Cardi B these days, it is no surprise that some WWE superstars picked up on the fact that Cardi B was into wrestling. One of the wrestlers who responded was none other than Carmella, who told Cardi that her ring gear was inspired by the Privacy album cover!

With all the attention Cardi B is getting at the moment, it is certainly not a stretch to think that the company might invite her for a wrestling match at Summerslam. Considering the existing connection to Carmella, it is likely going to be a tag team match; this is usually the case for celebrity guests, who have limited wrestling experience and need to count on the guidance of more experienced professional wrestlers.

Someone has made the suggestion of Cardi B working with Carmella at Summerslam already. Carmella is all up for it, as she responded with some prayer hand emojis. Cardi B has not responded yet, but fans are hopeful that she might be on board for the project.

Brilliant For Carmella’s Career

cardi b and carmella

Carmella has been a little on the backburner since the whole thing with Corey Graves hit, during which it was alleged she had an affair with Corey while he was still married. Corey has not experienced any serious repercussion, but Carmella certainly has. At the moment, her role is somewhat limited to defending R-Truth during his 24/7 Championship Reign.

Either way, a big match alongside Cardi B could be massive for Carmella. Not only could it pull more people to wrestling by the presence of Cardi, it could give Carmella a bit of a boost in the singles department. At this point, we do not know what has happened behind closed doors. If she did do it, then it is something she has to live with, and Corey as well. Still, Carmella has the potential of being a good heel, so let’s just look at this from a pure wrestling perspective. I am certainly on board for a Cardi B match, but it probably will be difficult to arrange. Cardi B is one of the most popular people in the music world, so she undoubtedly has a full schedule. So, let us wait and see if the WWE can lure her into a performance at the biggest pay-per-view of the summer.

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