Baron Corbin Selects Lacey Evans As Special Guest Referee + Stomping Ground News

‘-Everyone knew that, heading into WWE’s first-ever Stomping Grounds PPV, we would get a special guest referee for the Universal Championship bout.

In the weeks leading up to the bout, Universal Champion Seth Rollins has been on a rampage. Anyone who had seemingly been picked by Baron Corbin? They met Seth’s wrath with his new best friend, a steel chair. Anyone who Corbin even talked to, or whom expressed some modicum of interest in such a high profile opportunity? They were also leveled, by that very same steel chair.

So the big question, as the main event was upon us? Who could Corbin select? Who could it be, and how could Corbin be sure they’d make it into the ring without being destroyed by chair shots delivered by the Universal Champion?

By  naming Lacey Evans the special guest referee, that’s how.

Evans, of course, was defeated earlier this evening by Becky Lynch. Lynch, the RAW Women’s Champion, just so happens to be Seth Rollins’ girlfriend.

This will be interesting to watch, as it would be just like WWE to have this have  a less than clean ending, if say, Becky were to come and stand up for her man…which WWE would certainly leverage into some mixed tag matches. Stay tuned.

-In other Stomping Ground news, it seems that the match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre underwent some changes, and did not have a happy ending for someone either.

First, it seems that the finish to this match was changed earlier on Sunday. The match was initially planned to have had the Scottish Psychopath win via a Shane McMahon distraction. Vince McMahon reportedly changed the call, having Reigns go over instead.

Speaking of Shane, reports are he left Stomping Grounds with some injury concerns: