WWE.com Explains “Wild Card Rule”

‘- Still scratching your head around Vince McMahon’s announcement last night on RAW about the new “Wild Card Rule” for both brands? You may not be the only one in the WWE Universe that is confused by this concept. While WNZ recently reported the reason behind the new rule, which allows RAW and SD LIVE talent to jump over to opposing brands for one week, whenever they so choose, the ins and outs of it all still seems uncertain.

Well if the Wild Card Rule idea still seems fuzzy, WWE.com has offered (or at least tried to offer) an explanation around VKM’s latest crazy whim. To figure out what this Wild Card Rule is truly all about, click here.

– Universal Champion Seth Rollins is currently embroiled in a pretty interesting title race program with AJ Styles. The two are set to collide in about a week or so, during the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view (PPV), scheduled for Sunday May 19th. Assuming #MondayNightRollins retains his championship during that event, who could his next challenger be?

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer chimed in on this, stating that it was very interesting that Baron Corbin scored the three-count on Seth Rollins last night during their tag match. While yes, the Universal Champion’s tag partner for the night, MITB opponent AJ Styles, not only knocked him over, but also left the match, this kind of booking always points an arrow towards the next potential opponent for the champion. After all, it could’ve been Bobby Lashley (Corbin’s partner) who pinned Rollins, but it wasn’t. Plus, it seems that Rollins and Corbin are working this match together during WWE live events, as well.

Additionally, it was noted that announcer Michael Cole did point out that Baron “pinned” the Universal Champion, so this may be a teaser around Corbin asking for a title shot. Lastly, Baron Corbin versus Seth Rollins is currently being advertised for July’s PPV, Extreme Rules.

Seems as if Baron Corbin is finally re-entering the title race spectrum.