What Is WWE Doing With The Revival? + Sasha Banks News

What Is WWE Doing With The Revival? + Sasha Banks News

‘-If you have been watching the past few Monday Night RAW episodes, you should be well aware of the treatment of The Revival. Last week, we saw them shaving backs in the shower. This week, they were “pranked” with Icy Hot in their trunks.

Earlier this year, Dash and Dawson opened up about how they were being used (or, not being used), and asked for their release. WWE responded by giving them a push instead. This culminated with the duo winning RAW Tag Team gold, but their reign was short-lived.

In spite of all that, neither member of The Revival has re-signed with the company. The suspicion at this point is that WWE is doing what they are doing because no new contracts are in place.

Now, per Wrestling Observer, there may be more to that. Apparently, WWE wants to devalue them as they may be heading for the exits.

That would be sad if true. What I can’t quite get to compute is, both men have to ultimately go along with the bits. While it’s remotely plausible that they weren’t aware of the shower work, there is no way they were not in on the bit from this past RAW.

It will be interesting to see how this one continues to play out.

-The saga of Sasha Banks is well-reported thus far. Banks has been unhappy since prior to WrestleMania. She has not been on television since losing the tag titles.

She had requested her release, but the company rebuffed that and gave her time off.

She had been scheduled for (and expected to be on) their upcoming European tour, but reports confirm she has not, to date, arrived.

Another troubling development: WWE had promotional things scheduled for their upcoming video game release, of which Banks was to be a part of. So far, it appears she was not there for those either.

Now, it could just be she wants more time to think things over, or WWE wants to keep her away if she’s not decided. Or it could be a bad omen. Time will tell.