Even Triple H Dislikes Main Roster Wrestling

Triple H WrestleMania 36?

The creative direction of main roster WWE has been a frustration for fans and wrestlers alike. Nobody in management has really spoken out against Vince McMahon and the direction of main roster wrestling. That is, until now.

Triple H Likes Controversial Tweet

A Tweet released by Richard Gutierrez attracted quite a big like. In the Tweet, Richard mentioned the fact that the low Raw and SmackDown ratings are not down to injured wrestlers, but more down to confusing and pointless storylines. He also stated that wrestlers should have insurance. In it, he tagged Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and the WWE in general. Unexpectedly, Triple H liked the Tweet.

By liking the Tweet, many fans are speculating that Triple H is seeing the problems on the main roster, but can do little about it as Vince McMahon still rules the roost as a majority shareholder. Still, since Vince is his father-in-law, it is certainly a brave step for Triple H to respond with a like on such a controversial statement.

While it is certainly not surprising that Triple H responded to that tweet with a like, you do have to remember that HHH is a company executive. As such, he is criticizing top brass, who he has to work with on a daily basis. I have no doubt that the simple like could have some repercussions for him in one way or another.

The Difference Between NXT And WWE

Triple H NXT Ciampa Gargano

Real wrestling fans often compare Triple H’s NXT brand to main roster WWE, and the differences are staggering. Opposed to main roster wrestling, the NXT brand can captivate its audience with feuds. A prime example was the feud between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa, who delivered a feud that I would like to call one of the best in wrestling history. Once they get to the main roster, I have no doubt that there will be no trace of that left under Vince McMahon’s supervision.

Recent call-ups from the NXT roster have been doing poorly on main roster WWE, which can undoubtedly be attributed to Vince McMahon’s weird vision. Superstars such as Shinsuke Nakamura, who used to be A-list on NXT, have now become B-list at best.

Unlike Vince McMahon, Triple H knows what the crowd wants to see on main roster wrestling. The differences between NXT and WWE are very stark, but one does wonder why Vince cannot grasp the fact that NXT is working and the main roster is not?