The Professional Fighters League Has a Kayla Harrison Problem

The latest season of the Professional Fighters League is underway, and it’s pretty whatever. The product is polished, there are decisions galore, and I can’t figure out for the life of me what the point system means. (Or maybe I just don’t care who’s earned these imaginary chits – they’re just fights, man.)

Anyway, Kayla Harrison fought a couple weeks back, dominated, and took a decision. If you’ll recall, Harrison is a judo Olympian, so when she fights nobodies (like she does in the PFL), of course she will destroy them. This makes for some great spectacle, much the same way it made for great spectacle whenever Ronda Rousey fought during her own ascension to the top.

But… the one hitch with Harrison is that she’s a lightweight. That’s right. She fights at 155 pounds, and the vast majority of female fighters out there – the ones in the spotlight and outside of it, fight anywhere from 105 pounds to 145 pounds.

It’s obvious the PFL has a Kayla Harrison problem.

She’s their star-in-the-making, but there is absolutely no one big enough to give her a challenge. And a challenge is what she’s going to need if she’s ever going to make it to the next level. Because a spectacle eventually gets old, and people start caring less and less about the giant fighter beating up her smaller foes.

Who will the PFL match her up with to give her a challenge? Sarah Kaufman is a great fighter, but alas, she’s about two weight classes too small. Would the PFL somehow get Cris Cyborg to do it? Not likely.

I don’t see a solution to this problem. Do you?


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