Signs Pointing To Lio Rush Leaving The WWE Very Soon!

is Lio Rush retiring

There has been plenty of speculation about the relationship between Lio Rush and the WWE. Apparently, Lio Rush does not get along so well with his fellow superstars backstage, especially after claiming he does not make a liveable income while flying first class.

Recent rumors indicate that Lio Rush is looking to leave the WWE; this comes alongside Rush refusing to sign a new deal only last week. Now, it would seem there is some truth surrounding the rumors, as Rush is breaking ties with the WWE on social media.

Lio Rush Is Taking New Bookings

Lio Rush

Rush seems to be heading in the same direction of Dean Ambrose, who removed all references to his character on social media and turned back to his indie name “Jon Moxley“. Rush has now done the same, removing any reference to WWE and even putting in his email address for bookings. If that is not an indicator Rush is trying to leave, I don’t know what is.

Remember, most WWE superstars are forbidden to take on new bookings while still under contract with the company. Naturally, there are some exceptions to the rule, like Chris Jericho some years ago. Still, most superstars are very much stuck in their contract. With Rush taking bookings, it certainly seems he is looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Will It Be That Easy To Leave?

Lio Rush

Many colleagues from other wrestling websites are stating that it may not be that easy to leave for Rush, but I have to disagree with that. While I have no doubt Sasha Banks will have more problems if she wants to leave the promotion, I do not think the same applies to Rush.

The backstage attitude of Rush has allegedly rubbed a lot of WWE superstars the wrong way. He has even upset some locker room leaders, which includes the likes of Mark Henry and Finn Balor. Therefore, it is unlikely that other superstars are keen to keep Rush on board.

Backstage attitude can kill your career faster than a bodge in the ring. Several superstars have had backstage heat in the past, and it certainly has not done their career any favors. If I were to guess, I would say that Lio Rush will be out of the WWE very soon. At the moment, he has gone rogue and has shown a clear displeasure towards his employers. I very much doubt that the WWE will keep a loose cannon employed, as they have suffered enough controversy over the past couple of years.

So, where will Rush end up if he does decide to leave the WWE? Well, aside from his alleged backstage attitude, Rush is quite a decent wrestler. He will probably get some bookings from smaller promotions. Unfortunately, his alleged backstage attitude could cause some problems there as well.

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