Reason For Luke Harper’s Release Request Revealed

Reason For Luke Harper's Release Request Revealed

Luke Harper is one of the latest WWE superstars to ask for his release. Up until now, reporters have been speculating about the reason for his release request. Wrestling Observer Newsletter now claims they have the answer.

No Plans For Luke Harper

According to recent reports from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Luke Harper wants out of his contract because the WWE have zero plans for him. The validity of that claim would not be difficult to prove, as many WWE superstars have received similar treatment from Vince McMahon over the past couple of years. Luke believes he can do better on the indies, and I believe many would agree with him.

Vince Has No Ideas For Harper, Yet Refuses To Release Him

Despite having asked for his release, Vince McMahon is choosing not release Harper. Luke Harper was scheduled to have a feud with Sami Zayn after WrestleMania, but Vince decided to pull the plans at the last minute.

“The update on Harper is that Vince McMahon, in writing, told him he wouldn’t release him. He was earmarked to work a program with Zayn after Mania, but the decision was made not to do it. One person close to the situation told us that he needs to get out because they made a call that they weren’t going to use him after Vince saw him in his return. Vince said that he didn’t “get him” and complained that he couldn’t even do a Southern accent (that was from them wanting him to do a Southern accent four years ago).” – Dave Meltzer

There were other matches that should have involved Luke Harper; this includes a match against EC3. Once again, Vince McMahon did not like the idea of Harper in the match, so decided to scrap the idea. In short, Vince is not “getting” Harper, leading him to remain on the bench backstage.

With Vince McMahon allegedly not like Luke Harper in any spot on the roster at the moment, you do have to wonder why he has refused Harper’s release.

What would be a good match idea for Harper? Do you think he needs a character overhaul? Let us know in the comment section below!

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