Paige Wants To Be An Actress – This Is The Role She Wants To Play!


During a match with Sasha Banks, Paige got seriously hurt and suffered a career-ending injury. Only a short time after she returned to the ring after injury, she was forced to retire. Fortunately, the WWE decided to keep her on board. First, she was the manager for SmackDown Live. Then, she became the manager of a new and interesting tag team.

Paige has now revealed she has more aspirations outside of the WWE. In fact, Paige wants to become a genuine actress. With the movie about her life being released, it could be the perfect time for Paige to pick up the acting mantle herself.

Paige Wants To Play Lara Croft


When asked about the roles she would like to play during an interview with Comicbook.com, Paige mentioned she is up for any role. However, there is one role in particular she is interested in, more specifically the role of Lara Croft.

“You know who I looked up to when I was a kid though? Lara Croft. I wanted to be her so bad. So I want to do those kind of roles and stuff like that. More action movies. I feel like I’d be really weird in a romcom. You know, a goth girl in a romcom about your average girl. But again, breaking the barriers. It could happen.”

The role of Lara Croft could be a good one for Paige. Lara Croft has been played by a number of impressive women in the past; this includes Angelina Jolie. Given her experience in the WWE, which requires some acting, I hope a movie with Paige as Lara Croft comes in the future.

Playing Other Superheroes


During the interview, Paige was also asked if she was interested in playing other superheroes. She mentioned she loves them all, so a role as a superhero could be in her future too!

“That’s the thing. I just love them all. Anything to do with that. But even X-Men. Everything. I love it all. I’m a big fan of everything.”

Paige in X-Men would be a wonderful idea. It does not necessarily have to be a big role to begin with, but it could set off her movie career. She can also turn to someone for advice, as she has worked closely with The Rock. As you may know, The Rock has successfully build an acting career shortly after his wrestling career. Paige certainly has that X-factor too and I have no doubt she could be a big actress if the opportunity arises. I just hope she returns to WWE every now and again, as it would be a shame never to see her on WWE again. For now, we still get to enjoy Paige as a manager. But who knows what will happen in the future?

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