Mauro Ranallo Signs New Contract And Remains With The WWE!

Mauro Ranallo

Mauro Ranallo has become one of the most popular announcers within the WWE. Even though his work is limited to the NXT brand since the problems with JBL, Ranallo has come out stronger with a prime spot on the popular developmental brand and JBL in retirement.

There is further good news for Mauro Ranallo fans, as it has just been revealed the popular announcer has signed a new contract with WWE. Here are the details on his new contract.

Beneficial Contract Terms

Mauro Ranallo

It would seem that Mauro Ranallo has struck quite a lucrative deal with the WWE. It is expected that Ranallo will remain as the main announcer for WWE’s NXT brand, but his contract will not restrict him from announcing other sports events. Given the terms of his new deal, Ranallo is expected to do further work for Bellator and Showtime boxing.

Coming Back From Bullying Allegations

As we mentioned earlier, Mauro Ranallo did not have the easiest start as an announcer in the WWE. In March 2017, it was alleged that Ranallo left his role abruptly after being bullied by none other than John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL’s treatment of new superstars and announcers had been rumored for years, but Ranallo was the first one to actually speak out about it so publically.

Given the massive fan backlash, the WWE had to find a solution for the problem. While JBL continued to work for the WWE for some time, he eventually retired to focus on “philanthropy”, or so the official statement goes. Ranallo was placed on the NXT brand and has enjoyed great success ever since.

Things were not easy for Mauro Ranallo from a mental health perspective. A documentary revealed that Ranallo suffered from a condition called bipolar disorder, which would have him experience random moments of euphoria as well as depression. The documentary struck a chord with many fans, who have continued to support the announcer throughout his career.

Mauro Ranallo is undoubtedly one of the most prolific announcers the WWE has ever had. I thoroughly enjoy his commentary on NXT every week. Contrary to the main roster, his commentary actually contributes to the excitement of the matches and the outstanding performance of the wrestlers in question. I am glad he has found his stride on the developmental brand and I wish him nothing but success in the years to come. Despite the problems with JBL, he has certainly come out on top.

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