Keith Thurman Takes Jab at Conor McGregor’s Boxing Game

There’s been no recent talk about Conor McGregor returning to the boxing ring for a bout, but recently Keith Thurman made it clear he doesn’t think much of the star’s boxing game.

If you don’t follow boxing, you may not know that Thurman is regarded as one of the top pugilists on the planet, thanks to a 29-0, with 1 no-contest record, and a lengthy run as a welterweight champ. Recently Thurman was asked by TMZ Sports about the possibility of boxing McGregor, and here’s some of what he had to say (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“Conor, box me, baby,” Thurman said. “Conor, box me! You know you make more money in the boxing ring, anyways. Box me, Conor!”

“Once he realized he can’t land regular punches, he started doing overhand hammer slaps,” he said. “You can’t hold, you can’t kick, you can’t grapple. The advantage is, ‘Do you have skills with the left? Do you have skills with the right? Do you have footwork?’

“And one thing he doesn’t have is conditioning. He’s not ready for these championship fights. Floyd (Mayweather  Jr.) walked him down and beat him like he was playing Fight Night.”

Now, of course, the chances of McGregor boxing Thurman anytime soon, if ever, are slim-to-none. Even in MMA, it remains to be seen when McGregor will fight again, following his submission loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov last October.

Thurman is booked to fight the legendary Manny Pacquiao on July 20th.