Jessica Andrade Needs to Move to a Nicer City

Jessica Andrade

You’d think that once you won a UFC belt, the cash prize that comes with it would allow you to move out of whatever gnarly neighborhood you live in. But nope, not in Jessica Andrade’s case. And because of that, the poor girl–who won the strawweight belt by dropping Rose Namajunas on her head–was recently robbed at gunpoint.

Here’s MMAFighting:

UFC champion Jessica Andrade went through a scary situation in Niteroi, Brazil, on Thursday morning.

Andrade was driving her a dark gray Honda HRV in Icarai with her wife Fernanda Gomes in the passenger’s seat when criminals stopped her and robbed the car and her smartphones, Gomes revealed on social media.

Andrade’s coach Gilliard Parana told MMA Fighting they are both fine despite the scare. The UFC fighter had car insurance, Parana said.

To be fair, crimes of this nature are ridiculously prevalent in Brazil, so maybe there really isn’t a place Andrade could move to to be safe. In fact, I remember hearing about some UFC staff getting robbed outside of the host hotel during a UFC week.

So… maybe move out of Brazil?

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