“Gutted” Coach Argues Why Alexander Volkanovski Deserves Title Shot Ahead of Frankie Edgar

Alexander Volkanovski’s coach isn’t going to say that Frankie Edgar shouldn’t get another crack at a UFC belt; his issue is that it’s taking place ahead of his fighter.

Leading up to UFC 237 last weekend, there were a lot of people who argued that if Volkanovski beat Jose Aldo, the surging fighter should be next for champ, Max Holloway. Well, although Volkanovski outscored the legend for the decision win, not long after it was reported Edgar will battle Holloway at UFC 240, July 27th.

Well, Volkanovski’s coach Eugene Bareman appeared on Submission Radio since then, and while doing so, he had this to say about the UFC’s decision (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Gutted, mate. Absolutely livid. Livid. Livid,” Bareman said. “Like, we talked about this for such a long time. We talked about it, our team talked about. Our goal was to set this scenario up. And for all our knowledge, this is what the UFC were looking for, this is what they wanted. They needed Volko to win that fight, they needed Israel [Adesanya] to get into position, and then we’ve got an Australian super card set up all because of the work that we’ve put in and the position that we’ve put ourselves into. And that was all to get to this goal, to get to that super card…”

“This has nothing to do with Frankie. I mean, I don’t know Frankie, I don’t know his coaches, I don’t know his management or anything. And it’s not about that Frankie doesn’t deserve it. He probably does deserve it. He just doesn’t deserve it more than Alex Volkonovski deserves it. Unfortunately for Frankie, him and his team advised him to take that risky fight against Brian Ortega. And I fully understand why you gotta do that, because you can’t wait around forever, your family has to eat, you have to earn money. But it’s called a risk for a reason. I know Volko already alluded to this, that it’s called a risk for a reason. Unfortunately, he lost, and then he beat Cub Swanson. So now he’s won one fight, now he’s going into the title fight. Well, Volko’s won seven (in a row). Outside of the UFC he’s 17 in a row. Seven straight, just beat Aldo, who Frankie’s fought twice and never managed to best. The popular opinion out there amongst fans and so-called experts and analysts is that Volko was the next in line, and we were on that same thought train and to have it ripped out from underneath us is devastating for our team, devastating to be honest.”

There you have it, and those comments really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Edgar, meanwhile, has said he believes he was rewarded with the opportunity, on account of what he’s accomplished during his career and what he’s done for the UFC. The debate continues…

UFC 240 will take place in Edmonton, Alberta.

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