UFC on ESPN+11 Primer: The ‘Fighters Who Will Never Beat Jon Jones’ Club

Did you know that there’s a special club of elite UFC light-heavyweights? It’s called the “Fighters Who Will Never Beat Jon Jones”. Yes, there are jackets.

Requirements for membership in this club include being among the best 205-pound fighters in the world, and never, ever being capable of beating the human drug vacuum Jon Jones.

So. Two members – Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Smith – are fighting in the main event of UFC on ESPN+11 next week. A win for either man would probably propel them about a millimeter closer to a rematch with Jones, which I don’t think a single soul on the planet wants to see. But hey, the event takes place in Sweden, and Gustafsson is like Sweden’s “Great White Hope”, and he has to fight someone…

Who will win? I’d say Gustafsson should have the edge in experience and ability. I mean, look what he did to Glover Teixeira:

But Gustafsson has been known to totally whiff it when fist start flying, so maybe Smith takes it? I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Because, guess what? Neither of these dudes will ever beat Jon Jones.

Give me someone who will beat Jones.

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