Conor McGregor is “Confident” He’ll Secure Rematch With Khabib Nurmagomedov

The consensus is that Conor McGregor will need to score another win before he has a chance at fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov again. But, not surprisingly, the superstar still believes he’ll battle the UFC’s lightweight champ one more time.

Ever since McGregor lost via fourth-round submission to Nurmagomedov last October, there’s been no shortage of talk about the two fighting again. Due to the ugly post-fight brawl at UFC 229, some people thought the promotion would go with an immediate rematch, due to how much revenue it could generate. But, as the days went by, calls for other top contenders like Tony Ferguson to get a shot increased, and Khabib himself, said McGregor didn’t deserve a rematch.

Well, fast forward to today, and the expecation is that Khabib will fight interim champ, Dustin Poirier, sometime this fall. Ferguson, meanwhile, is booked to fight Donald Cerrone June 8th. So, while it’s unclear what will come next for McGregor, during a recent interview with Tony Robbins, he said this (quote via MMA Fighting):

“I gave my respect, ‘Congrats,’ he won the match, let’s see what happens next time. I’m confident we’ll get it again, let’s go again. I am humble in victory or defeat, no matter what. It’s a sport at the end of the day, a gruesome sport, but it’s a sport. I respect that I was defeated on the night.”

Now, McGregor has called for a rematch with Khabib repeatedly, so these comments shouldn’t really come as a surprise. But, it will be really interesting to see whether McGregor can come to terms with the UFC regarding another fight in the interim. Like, with say, Justin Gaethje.

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