UFC on ESPN+10 Results: Charles Oliveira Crushes Nik Lentz, Forcing Us to Ask Hard Questions

It’s easy to write off a fighter when they suck. After all, if they suck, then they’ll (hopefully) never challenge for the belt, and their Octagon days are (hopefully) numbered. But what if a fighter has fallen short against the elite members of the division, but absolutely wrecked everyone else? I think we’re getting into that hazy area with Charles Oliveira.

Last night, Oliveira rematched with Nik Lentz. In case you forgot, Oliveira tapped Lentz out in two previous fights, although that first win was overturned because there was an illegal knee in the mix. Anyway, Lentz–a tough veteran–still had nothing for the Brazilian.

But Lentz has been known to give dudes trouble. So what does it mean when Oliveira steamrolls over him like a bagel discarded in the road?

I think we’re going to have to ask some hard questions… like, “Man, does Oliveira deserve a title shot?” Because lately, both his submissions and strikes have been on point. At the very least, it’s time for Oliveira to clash with some more of the divisional elite.

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