WrestleMania Predictions!

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Wrestlemania predictions

We are nearly there dear wrestling fans, the biggest wrestling show of the year! Some of you may be excited and some of you may not, but let us get you on board with these amazing WrestleMania predictions and possible swerves!

Wrestlemania Predictions: The Andre The Giant Battle Royal

When it comes down to a Battle Royal, there is one man that tends to do well in these sorts of matches. From the tag team Battle Royal to individual Battle Royals, Braun Strowman has ruled the roost for some time. With the feud buildup between him and the WrestleMania correspondents, I would not be surprised to see Strowman take the win. Braaauuuuuun!!

Wrestlemania Predictions: The Cruiserweight Championship

This is one of the matches I look forward to the most. Buddy Murphy, Tony Nese (and his abs) will be battling it out for the Cruiserweight Championship. Buddy Murphy has been champion for a while now, so I am putting my money on Tony Nese in the hopes of getting a continued rivalry between the pair.

WrestleMania Predictions: The Intercontinental Championship

Finn Balor will face Bobby Lashley again for the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday and I could not be more excited. While some do not like this rivalry, I am loving it! Best thing of all? Finn Balor is set to bring out “The Demon” as well. So I am predicting Finn Balor will take the Intercontinental Championship once more as Demon Balor.

Wrestlemania Predictions: The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

While I was not too interested in this match to begin with, the WWE may have got the booking right this time. It is lovely to see Beth Phoenix in the ring again, right alongside Natalya. They are my favourites to take the tag team titles. Nevertheless, Nia Jax and Tamina might throw a spanner in the works. Still, I would love to see Beth Phoenix as tag champion. She is more than deserving and should get another accolade under her name.

Wrestlemania Predictions: The United States Championship

It is always nice to see my favourite wrestler of all time in the ring, Rey Mysterio. As a big fan girl, I have to put my money on Rey taking the United States Championship from Samoa Joe. Rey can do great things on a title run, so I cannot wait to see what he does if he were to obtain the United States Championship at WrestleMania 35.

Wrestlemania Predictions: Falls Count Anywhere

Miz called for a last minute stipulation for his match with Shane at WrestleMania, which is now a falls count anywhere match. It is one of the best stories being told on the roster at the moment. Everyone is hoping to see Miz take the win. In my mind, Miz will serve Shane a good can of whoop ass!

Wrestlemania Predictions: Roman Reigns Versus Drew McIntyre

This match should be a no-brainer in terms of the outcome. And, more specifically Roman Reigns will take the win. That being said, I am sure Drew will give Roman a run for his money. The man can certainly tell a story, so I find myself pleasantly excited for their match at WrestleMania. Even if Drew loses, putting on a good match with Roman Reigns will put him on the superstar map. It is time for Drew to shine and for Roman to get a nice win at WrestleMania.

Wrestlemania Predictions: Kurt Angle Retirement Match

Everyone was somewhat disappointed to learn that Kurt Angle will take on Baron Corbin for his retirement, as many expected John Cena to be the man. That being said, it could still happen in one form of the other. My prediction? Angle will beat Corbin with some involvement from John Cena. It could also go another way, with John Cena having a match against Angle. If Cena faces Angle, I predict Cena will take the win, but give Kurt a good send-off nonetheless.

Wrestlemania Predictions: AJ Styles Versus Randy Orton


This is one of the matches that is so difficult to predict. I am not the biggest Randy Orton fan. But, where status is concerned, he can certainly hold his own with AJ Styles. So, for this prediction, I will go for my favourite wrestler AJ Styles.

Wrestlemania Predictions: No Holds Barred

Talk about star power! Batista faces Triple H again in a No Holds Barred match. When either of these two men’s music hits, I get so giddy! Naturally, this is a match I cannot wait to see.

Triple H is bound to come out with another epic entrance for Wrestlemania 35 and I cannot wait for that! Putting my giddyness aside, Triple H should take this one clean.

Wrestlemania Predictions: WWE Championship

This is the match fans are behind the most. It’s almost reminiscent to the kind of support that Daniel Bryan received back in the day. Kind of ironic when you think about it!

Considering the long buildup and making fans salivate at every match Kofi or The New Day have been in, it is unlikely that Kofi will lose at WrestleMania. Interestingly, it would be the first time for an African American man to hold the WWE championship. Go Kofi! You go get him!

Wrestlemania Predictions: Universal Championship

Every time I have gotten excited about the fact Brock could lose his title it has not happened, so I am not going to do it this time. All I will say is: “Slay the Beast!”

WrestleMania Predictions: Raw Women’s Championship

For the first time in history, a women’s match will headline WrestleMania. I could not be happier about that. Nevertheless, the buildup to the event has been a little skewed and could have been handled better. Despite all that, this should be a solid and memorable main event.

As for the winner of the Raw Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch is the stern favourite among fans and my personal pick. However, they could be thinking of making Charlotte Flair the first dual title holder, which certainly could prove interesting in months to come. Still, no matter who wins, I don’t think I could be disappointed.

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