Tony Atlas Disproves of Sasha Banks’ Power Play

What was she thinking?

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks reportedly wants to quit the WWE. It has led to a lot of fans and former wrestlers to voice their opinions. While one could understand that a female wrestler who had little opportunity over the past couple of years would want to quit, Sasha had plenty of opportunities and a lot of matches. Naturally, this has drawn the ire of fans as well as wrestling veterans. One of the most notable is WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, who slams Sasha Banks for her current power play.

Her Career Is Over

Tony Atlas

Atlas claims that Sasha Banks has made the mistake of her life by going against the WWE. During an interview with Boston Wrestling MWF, Atlas slammed Banks’ alleged power play with the WWE. In his statement, he mentions that Sasha’s career is over. She certainly made a wrong move, and Atlas thinks that it will cost her everything she worked for.

“They never fire you on the spot. You always get it at home. That’s why they say go home and think about it. Now what they do, they have a meeting. Now, if she [does] decide to come back, they’re going to destroy her. Her career is over. They’ll job her out. She lost [reliability], because what she… just told them, ‘you can’t trust me.’ That’s all she did. She let the wrestling world [down], and not just the wrestling world; everybody [who is] affiliated with the WWE is looking at it the same way.”

Opportunities for Other Women on the Roster

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During his interview with Boston Wrestling MWF, Atlas also claimed that the other women on the roster will not be sad to see Sasha go. He believes that Sasha Banks leaving will open up a spot for another female wrestler. He is right. Being on the top of the WWE is certainly a big opportunity, whether you get bad bookings or not. Any woman on the roster who is not getting that opportunity can’t wait to take that spot. So, it was undoubtedly a bad call on Sasha’s part.

“You know how many women right now [are] kissing up to Triple H, kissing up to Stephanie [McMahon] and saying, ‘who are you gonna put in that spot?’ She left a spot. They’re glad she’s gone. Every woman there is glad Sasha’s gone. She’s gone. Vince is not going to let [her do that]. If Vince let her do that, [this is] what you gotta understand, he just told every wrestler there that they could do that.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Tony. Sasha has become a little too big for her wrestling boots and has made a really bad mistake. It is not too late yet, but it certainly comes down to how she will respond in the nearby future. Let’s face it… What would happen if you turned up to your job tomorrow and did the same thing? Holding your employer at ransom because you believe you are the bees knees. We would be fired on the spot. It is not much better than blackmail.

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