The Man Needs To Remain “Becky 2 Belts” Post Money In The Bank

“The Man” Becky Lynch offered quite the explanation around pulling double-duty at WWE’s next pay-per-view (PPV), Money in the Bank (MITB) scheduled for Sunday, May 19th. Unless you haven’t been watching the company’s programming as of late, Becky 2 Belts is scheduled to defend her SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair, in addition to defending her RAW Women’s Championship against “The Lady” Lacey Evans.

WNZ reported on this last week, there’s a very good chance she could drop one of her two belts at the event, and as per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, having her partake in two matches allots her an “excuse” of sorts to lose one of the championships that night, but still look strong heading out of the PPV, especially if she suffers an injury in the first bout. Then, there’s always a chance she wins both matches, with said (potential) injury, and she gets cashed on the night of; that is, if the Women’s MITB ladder match takes place before one (or both) of her championship bouts.

How should the WWE book Becky 2 Belts? I’d hope that none of the above occurs at this point in time. I get the women’s division is filled with incredible talent. I also get the idea that the wealth should be “spread around” as much as possible. I also understand that physically, it has to be taking a toll on Becky Lynch, the person, outside the superstar persona. After all, since Wrestlemania 35, she’s the only talent on both rosters that is pulling Monday and Tuesday night shifts at this point in time. In fact, I can’t really remember a time in recent history, other than Survivor Series season, when a superstar has appeared on both shows for such an extended time period since the brand division rolled out.

However, Lynch is on fire right now, and is undeniably WWE’s current top face. Don’t know if the WWE Universe ever thought that a woman, or The Man for that matter, would be carrying the company on her shoulders the way Becky Lynch is doing; however, here we are and there she is.

Sure, having her drop the championships at MITB would make sense. Of course it would! She could either defeat Lacey Evans, where The Lady attacks her post-match, or simply suffers an injury, only for Charlotte Flair to swoop in and capture the SD LIVE women’s title; said scenario could also be reversed, very easily. Then again, we have the briefcase lingering as well.

But here’s the thing: I’m not sure anyone wants to see Flair tack another title win onto her resume, we are all over that and more than infuriating the WWE Universe, in many ways, it would simply continue to deplete Flair’s credibility. I, personally, see Charlotte for what she is: an incredible athlete who did help elevate the women’s division from the moment she stepped into NXT. Having said that, Flair had zero place in Wrestlemania’s main event, and the fact that was shoved in the bout and broke title records leading up to Grandest Stage of Them All, still leaves a bad taste in many fans’ mouths. Not to mention that once again, after losing at WM 35, she’s back in the title race picture. The powers that be need to give Flair a break from championship programs until at least post-SummerSlam. Both for the superstar and the fans; whether she is heel or face.

I love Lacey Evans and see the superstar having a bright future in the WWE. Between her and Flair, if I had to make a choice, I’d want Evans to walk out with one of Becks’ titles. She’s on fire, and giving The Man a run for her money. I love her mic skills, in-ring work, and character confidence; she’s the total package and looks like she was made for the main roster. Having said that, it does seem a like a little too much too soon for Evans, and she’s another blonde that has been given a ton of opportunities, questionable I may add, in a short amount of time.

Then there’s the idea of a MITB cash-in. Lynch could retain both championships and then lose to that night’s MITB holder. I’m going against this idea, especially night of, because it would be a shame to do this to the women two years in a row. It’s somewhat a waste of a storyline, and surely WWE Creative can think of a better shocker than a night-of cash in. MITB is a storyline that I like to watch linger for a bit at times, and cashing it in the night of can be exciting, but it also offers a “now what” ideology. Now there is no cash-in attempts to anticipate; no teases of a cash-in gone wrong; no women’s MITB asterisk to add to any championship match for the ladies moving forward at PPVs. One idea that could go against the grain was if Charlotte or Evans defeat Lynch (with Becks still holding one belt), and then THEY are cashed in on either the night of, or the night after at either RAW or SmackDown; which would add that element of surprise, but I’m still against as I’d like to see that MITB storyline progress until at least the fall.

Either way, if it were up to me, I’d book Lynch to walk out of MITB with both belts, creating an interesting storyline of always having to ‘watch her back’ when it came to the briefcase winner, with weeks of a compelling storyline for both superstars. There’s a WWE PPV every month, so have The Man enjoy a good solid two-belt title reign to continue to help Lynch look strong; after all, she could always lose one, or both, and the next event.