So Daniel Cormier Says Brock Lesnar is “Very Deserving of a Fight” With UFC Champ…

The UFC has taken plenty of heat for its plan to hand Brock Lesnar a title shot. But, according to the man who currently holds the heavyweight crown, Daniel Cormier, the pro-wrestling star’s “very deserving” of one…

Ever since UFC President Dana White said that Lesnar would fight for the belt in his Octagon return, there’s been no shortage of criticism hurled at that decision. After all, we’re talking about a fighter whose last official win was back in 2010. Lesnar did record a victory over Mark Hunt in 2016, but that win was overturned, after Lesnar was flagged for banned substances.

Well, it’s been unclear as to when Lesnar will return to the UFC. But, since he ‘lost’ the WWE’s championship at WrestleMania last weekend, there’s been extensive speculation that this could open the door to his UFC return.

More recently, Cormier spoke with TMZ Sports, and he had this to say about fighting Lesnar (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Dana, get on the phone right now,” Cormier said. “If you haven’t called him yet, do it today. What are you waiting for? Let’s get this shit on the books. Let’s get this on the books.”

“It’s the fight I want,” Cormier added. “I think everybody wants to fight Brock. We all want to fight Brock, so … that’s the fight. That’s the fight that needs to happen. He’s a former UFC champ, All-American in college, the guy is very, very deserving of a fight and he’s gonna get it. Hopefully.”

Now, Cormier is one of the all-time greats and is one of the classiest, most respected fighters in the game. But, it’s hard to believe that he really, truly thinks Lesnar deserves a title shot. The decision to give Lesnar a championship fight has zero to do with meritocracy, and everything to do with money.

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