Sasha Banks Wants to Leave WWE?

On her way out...

Sasha Banks

There have been lots of rumors surrounding Sasha Banks since WrestleMania. According to recent wrestling speculation, there was a backstage incident at WrestleMania involving Banks, leading to her being incredibly unhappy with her role within the company. Here is the story!

Sasha Banks Wanted to Quit During WrestleMania Weekend

Sasha Banks

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Banks attempted to quit during the WrestleMania 35 weekend. Sasha was allegedly upset about the decision of the WWE to drop the tag team titles to The IIconics.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that Sasha Banks has been given time to consider her decision.  If the rumor is true though, I doubt the WWE will release Banks that easily.

Banks did not appear on Raw post-WrestleMania, which gives the rumors some additional gravitas. However, she did go after Alexa Bliss on Twitter. Bliss and Banks allegedly have real-life heat, at least if the rumors over the years are to be believed.

Discontent Before WrestleMania

Sasha Banks

It is not the first time rumors have circulated about Sasha Banks and her being unhappy with the WWE. In fact, in the height of The Revival threatening to leave the WWE, she responded to one of their tweets. In the tweet, The Revival basically stated they would be great no matter where they went. Banks responded with: “Take me with you.”

Opportunities Are Given and Taken

I have to be honest, all these rumors are not doing Sasha any favours. In fact, ever since all this complaining started, I have gone off Sasha Banks in a major way. It comes over as entitled and stuck-up. My other half feels the same way about Banks at this point. So, we were less than interested when she obtained the tag team championship belts.

While I  am so happy for The IIconics since they gained the championships at WrestleMania. I am somewhat disappointed we will not see the women’s championships across various brands. It was a brilliant idea, so I am hoping that will come to fruition somehow.

In life, opportunities are given and taken; this is the case for everyone on this planet. I work an average of 14 hours a day, go to university on top of that, and have a household to run, too. Do I believe more opportunities should be given to me because I deserve it? Opportunities would be nice, but I keep working for what I want and I have no doubt that I will get there. If the rumors surrounding Sasha are true, she has forgotten this golden rule of life.

Nothing Is Forever

Nothing is forever in the world of wrestling. Just look at superstars who have struggled just to get a single opportunity.  Miz is an excellent example of someone who struggled to be taken seriously, but who worked his way up with passion and dedication. Sasha had numerous matches, multiple championships, and yet it seems she is always in the news about being unhappy.

If these rumors are untrue, I urge Sasha to address them and to get onto the right track with the company she is working for. A legacy is something you work on for years and she is undoubtedly talented. However, rumors such as this can destroy a career. Right now, she is not very likeable behind the scenes.

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