Ricochet Raising Money After Family Tragedy

Prayers go out to Ricochet (Trevor) and his family...


WWE superstar Ricochet recently shared a tweet with the sad news that his mum’s house burned down. Ricochet is now asking for help to rebuild his mum’s house.

Family Home Burned Down On Monday

According to Ricochet’s Go Fund Me page, his mom’s home burned down on Monday. Fortunately, nobody was in the house as the fire destroyed the house and the family is okay. However, since this was a family home, the family has lost many treasured personal possessions.

Donations started off with $2,000, donated by Ricochet himself. Other superstars such as Natalya and Trevor Caddell have also donated to the cause.

The Go Fund Me Page

Funds are being collected to rebuild the family home on this Go Fund Me page. At the time of this article, a little over $9,500 has been raised by both fans and WWE wrestlers. Of course, more will be needed to rebuild the home completely.

Unfortunately, personal possessions and memories that were lost in the fire cannot be replaced.

I cannot imagine what it is like to lose personal possessions and a home at the same time. My prayers go out to Ricochet (Trevor) and his family. Hopefully, the Go Fund Me collection will be a success and give Ricochet’s mum her house back.

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