Jose Aldo Outlines Condition That Would Put MMA Retirement on Hold

Jose Aldo has repeatedly said that his MMA career is going to be done, when he fights out his current UFC contract. But, now the legendary featherweight has explained how his MMA career could be extended.

For some time now, the Brazilian star has said that once his current UFC deal is complete, he’s going to move on from MMA. Aldo is currently booked to fight Alexander Volkanovki at UFC Rio on May 10th (which should be incredible), and after that, the former champ will have one fight left. Aldo’s also said that he hopes to have that fight take place sometime in 2019.

Aldo, however, has also said he wants to give pro-boxing a go. So, his combat sports career won’t be over when his UFC deal is up. Well, recently Aldo repeated his desire to transition into boxing, but, he also outlined how more MMA fights could materialize (quotes via ESPN):

“My plan is to fight Alexander Volkanovski on May 11,” Aldo said. “Then I’ll have only one fight left in my [UFC] contract, which I plan to have. But I already have another thing in mind: boxing.

“I want to push myself. I’m not here for a specific match. I won’t call anyone out. I want to start from the bottom, really push myself, get ranked and who knows … fight for the title one day. Of course, my name already puts me ahead of lots of guys.”

“Everything is about the negotiation. We are open to discuss,” Aldo said, when asked about the possibility of signing another UFC deal. “We can always have a conversation and try to find the best possible way to do it. I don’t see a problem in [re-signing with the UFC and being able to box]. I don’t see myself fighting MMA elsewhere but the UFC.”

So, this is a pretty interesting revelation. Would the UFC let Aldo take boxing matches? Probably not. As that would open up the floodgates to other stars asking to do the same. When the UFC partnered up on the Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Conor McGregor bout, Dana White said it was the exception, rather than the rule.

But, seeing this, you have to wonder if other big MMA promotions might be willing to let Aldo box, if it means adding the legend to their roster.