Jon Jones and His Picograms Pick Fight With Middleweight Israel Adesanya

Jon Jones

Ever the brave and hearty soul, Jon Jones – the past and present lightweight champ and dude full of picograms of steroids – took umbrage with middleweight Israel Adesanya yesterday. So of course Jones through some social media heat in Adesanya’s direction.

Before I show you what Jones said, here are some hard facts:

  • Jones is a 205-pounder whose future fights lie in the heavyweight division.
  • Adesanya is a middleweight. That’s 185 pounds, folks.
  • Jones is legally allowed to have steroids in his blood stream because, well, he’s Jon Jones.
  • The UFC had a big, seasonal press conference yesterday with tons of fighters, but Jones was unable to attend because he wasn’t feeling well (*cough* hungover *cough*) and stayed in his hotel room.

So here’s Jones – the brave, heroic Jones – throwing fire at Adesanya.

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