Conor McGregor Returns to Boxing at the Appropriate Level


Gather ’round, friends, and I’ll tell you a story. A story of an expert trash-talker who made it to the top of the UFC and, based on his mouth, was able to get a huge pro boxing bout. I am, of course, talking about former champ Conor McGregor. Sure, McGregor was pretty good in the cage, but there is no way in hell he deserved a boxing match against superstar Floyd Mayweather based on cagefighting skills alone.

So McGregor had his first pro boxing bout ever against Mayweather, lost, made millions of dollars, the end.

But nah, the story doesn’t end there. There’s been Octagon losses, arrests, criminal cases, accusations… pretty much everything you’d expect from a sports star.

Now I ask you: What’s best for a sports star who’s flown so close to the sun as to have his fake feathers singed by it? For McGregor, that would be a club-level exhibition boxing match back in Ireland.

Behold, McGregor doing some amateur boxing!

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